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We welcome both guests and members to our club, and extend the invitation to all to become a member. As a member you will receive several ongoing benefits that will make you love Gerringong Bowlo even more.

To become a member is quite simple – you will need to fill out a ‘New Member’ form at the Club and submit it at the Bar. The membership fee is only $10 per new application for 1 year or $20 for 3 years. Then when your membership is granted, you will gain access to these member’s benefits:

Member’s only draws and promotions, such as our Major Loyalty Point promotions,
Member’s pricing that will save you money on drinks, room hire and more,
Be the first to receive news of upcoming promotions, news and other information through our member’s communications,
Bonus tickets in selected promotions, and
Member’s only offers

Our membership fee is priced to be very affordable, and if you visit Gerringong Bowlo even a few times, it will surely be worth the money. We would love to see you back here taking advantage of your membership benefits.

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More Info

To find out more info, please call 02 4234 1414 or fill out the contact form on our contact page »

Some of the other great local clubs that we can recommend are:

Gerringong Women’s Bowling Club,
Gerringong Men’s Bowling Club,
Gerringong Fishing Club,
Card Club, and
Gerringong Bowling Social Golf Club.

Many of our club members are also a part of some or all of these clubs. There’s lots of fun to be had when our local community has clubs like these, as well as the facilities and the beautiful location to enjoy them. You will probably see many of the members of these clubs in Gerringong Bowlo having a drink after their game of golf or fishing expedition.

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For more info, please get in touch with us via our contact page »

Gerringong Bowling & Recreation Club are proud supporters of all the local groups and clubs in our area – both sporting and social. Our club has a strong commitment to providing our local clubs and groups with resources to ensure that they can be enriching as possible for our local community. We believe that supporting these local groups is an intrinsic part of Gerringong Bowlo being your community club.

Here is a list of the local clubs and groups that we support. We have decided to support these particular groups because we have seen that they provide something valuable to the local community. Each of them provides enjoyment and a sense of community spirit. Furthermore, if you are looking to make some friends and have great times in Gerringong, then this is a list of groups that we can personally recommend.

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For more info, please get in touch with us via our contact page »

If you have a community event that you would like us to advertise at our club, please send us your details and we will get in touch. Make sure to include your:

Event name,
Time, and

To do so, either head over to the form on the contact page, or email us at

We are passionate about supporting the local community here at Gerringong Club, so please don’t be shy.

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